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After having my first child in 2006, I found feeding to be one of the most challenging aspects of parenting. Much of the struggle I felt — and still do sometimes — comes from the modern-day pressure we all face to get our children to eat a certain way.

As a registered dietitian and family nutrition expert, I’ve come to realize this view of “getting-children-to-eat-healthy” not only leads to feeding mistakes, it leaves parents in a constant state of guilt, blaming themselves when their child eats less than perfectly. And worst of all, children eat less well with this kind of approach.

But it doesn’t have to be that way!


Here, I write about all those missing pieces of information I wish I had from the very beginning. It’s based around the idea that we need to approach feeding kids the same way we do other learned skills, like reading and writing. All children can learn to eat healthfully with time, patience and the surprisingly simple strategies you will learn here.

This fresh perspective makes raising healthy eaters easier, is more effective and makes parents more relaxed. The first step is to understand all of the different pieces of the feeding puzzle and how they fit together:

Simple Nutrition: If you read around the web you will find many different opinions about what is good and bad for kids. Think of RHE as your filter — simplifying nutrition advice by summarizing the latest research and showing you how to translate it into REAL life. I also help you understand the unique nutritional needs of children to lessen your worry — and keep you from making feeding mistakes in the name of nutrition. Read more on nutrition.

Empowered Feeding: While everyone seems so frantic about what to feed kids, we forget that how we feed them is just as important. Mealtime and feeding should not be a struggle. At Raise Healthy Eaters we aim for what researchers call an authoritative feeding style, one that is not too strict or too lax. This balancing act is hard, but it is worth the effort as research shows it’s your best shot at raising kid with a healthy outlook on food and health. Read more on How to feed kids.

Mindful Meal Planning: I’m not a foodie or someone who has been cooking since I was a kid, so I’m always on the lookout for super simple meal solutions. The recipes and meals on this site are meant for the busy parent and are easy, tasty and nutritious. I also am a big believer in weekly meal planning, and frequently share what we are eating for dinner at my house.

The Other Stuff: My advice is always family-focused, which means parents benefit too. Don’t be surprised to find what you learn about feeding your child can actually transform your own eating, and in turn help your child. You’ll also get book/product reviews, information about how child development relates to eating, clarification of the latest nutrition news, access to the most prominent health experts and answers to your most pressing questions. It’s like having a personal dietitian at your fingertips.

So stick around, find out more about me, sign up for my blog updates and find out about my book. I’m glad you’re here!

The information on this site is for educational purposes only and does not take the place of medical advice. Please verify with your healthcare provider.