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Baked Chicken & Bean Taquitos [Recipe]

July 22, 2014
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A couple of years ago Big A discovered the joy of taquitos (or what we called “rolled tacos” in my day).  This isn’t surprising as she loves food that is crispy, which is probably why she’s not super enthusiastic with my usual baked chicken taquitos.  Of course, I’m competing with Rubio’s chicken taquitos, which are […]

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3 Ingredient Crepes [Palachinke]

May 16, 2014
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Both of my parents immigrated to the U.S. from the former Yugoslavia and I grew up with Serbian food traditions.  One of my favorites was palachinke, a Serbian crepe.  My mom made it with just flour, eggs and milk and we usually filled it with jam or cinnamon sugar. Other recipes call for adding butter, […]

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Chicken, Roasted Peppers and Hummus Pita [Recipe]

September 3, 2013
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Every once and a while I have a meal out that I want to replicate at home. It’s rare that I’m successful but I usually come out with something acceptable. In this case it was a pita sandwich with chicken, spinach and roasted red peppers with an eggplant spread I had at lunch one day […]

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World’s Best Chicken Tender Recipe

May 27, 2013
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One of my husband and mine’s favorite holiday movie is Elf with Will Ferrell.  If you saw it, you probably remember the part where he congratulates the owner of “World’s Best Coffee,” by saying “You did it!” That’s where I got the idea for naming this recipe.  Is this actually the world’s best chicken tender […]

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Cheesy Pasta with Broccoli [Recipe]

March 5, 2013
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My site was down over the weekend so I apologize if anyone was trying to access it. While there were some hiccups during the site redesign, it is done now so check it out when you have time (for those of you who get my email newsletter just click through). I’m also extending the Fresh […]

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Veggie Oat Muffins [Recipe]

January 11, 2013
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Little D and I are the muffin lovers in the family.  As I mentioned in my White Bean Banana Bread post, I prefer muffins and sweet breads without a lot of sugar. These get enough sweetness from the brown sugar and banana. You can also substitute with canned pumpkin and add more sugar if you […]

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Baked Salmon Sticks [Recipe]

November 13, 2012
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Salmon is one of our favorite fish dishes around here.  Little D used to be a fan but is off it at the moment.  Big A has always like the “idea” of salmon. When she was around 4, she used to say how much she loved it even though she’d barely touch it.  As she turned […]

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Greek Pita Pizzas [Recipe]

October 15, 2012
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When I saw this recipe on Annie’s Eats I knew I would love it. Not only was I right, but I have made it a bunch of times since first trying it. I always have the ingredients on hand and it’s a super quick meal. I love serving it alongside a big salad. My kids […]

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Ham and Mozzarella Melts with Sauteed Spinach [Recipe]

September 28, 2012
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When Real Simple asked me to blog about one of their simple, Month of Dinners, I jumped at the chance. These Ham and Mozzarella Melts with Spinach were made in less than 20 minutes! I’m so glad I chose this meal the night I did because I got the dreaded call from my husband saying he […]

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5 Super Fast Lunches for Busy Moms

March 30, 2012

Both of my kids are in preschool two days a week, which means I get to each lunch all by myself. While I like eating with my kids, I have to admit I enjoy the break. But I have a lot to do when they are gone and have found that on some days my […]

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