Common Parent Questions

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Nutrition and feeding can be confusing for parents. Here are a list of questions I’ve compiled and will be continually adding to. Just click on the question to get the answer.

If you have a question feel free to send a message and I will get back to you. If I can’t answer it, I will find an expert who can. Your question might even make even be turned into an “Ask the Dietitian” post.

What constitutes catering to a child?

When can I feed my baby raw fruit?

What is the latest on when to introduce foods babies/children and food allergies?

I don’t agree with how and what other family members feed my child. What should I do?

How can I get my child to eat more healthy foods?

Should I feed my overweight child differently from his siblings?

Is there anything I can do to prevent ADHD?

Can children eat fish?

How can I bolster my family’s immune system using food?

Is it safe to raise a kid to be a vegetarian?

What should I do when my child refuses dinner and asks for a snack 15 minutes later?

How can I avoid food battles with my fussy eater?

My child is obsessed with food, what should I do?

Should my child take a multivitamin?

Should my child take a DHA supplement?

Is fruit juice good or bad for kids?

Is it necessary to buy organic fruits and vegetables?

Is it necessary to buy organic milk?

I don’t have time to cook. Any tips?

Is there anything I can do to prevent eating disorders?

How can I be a healthy role model for my children?