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To find out whether or not Raise Healthy Eaters is for you, check out what parents and health professionals are saying about it.

I just had to let you know how much I appreciate what you do on your blog. I can’t tell you how much you have helped my family. I was most stressed about having a picky eater when I had a child. I happened upon your blog and have followed your advice (for my son and myself). It has made such a difference. My son is a good eater. We don’t stress over his eating at meals because I feel like we have tools to handle any situation. I tell all of my friends that have kids about your blog in the hopes they will find the same level of help. So thank you so much. Anne at Glass Half Full

Your site is great and so timely. My wife and I have two daughters. They are 1 and 7. This info has been a great resource for us. I was a certified personal trainer. I have the exercise part down but I’m always looking for great nutrition info and info to share. I will be sure to keep referring people to your site. Chris Reed St. Louis, MO

“Since discovering your blog only a few months ago I have become a huge fan! Your advice is practical and real…it’s as if every post is written just for me because each one touches on subjects that I’m facing myself with feeding my family.”  Brenda at Meal Planning Magic

“My husband and I struggle with our two-year son over issues related to eating. When I read Maryann’s post I feel like she has ESP and knows what goes on in our house every day. Not only is it gratifying to know that these issues are experienced by many, but learning easy, evidence-based strategies to address them gives me peace of mind. The information is so good that I save every post I receive as a reference and tell every new mom that I meet to check out Maryann’s website.”  Michelle Segar, PhD at Essential Steps

“Hi, I just stumbled onto your blog and have been subscribing to it via email. I am so enjoying it. I really mean that. I loved the recent cereal list that you did….I am in Canada and found all those cereals. I have been forwarding some of the posts out to friends if it has something they might find interesting. So great work!!! Thanks so much.”  Anna-Marie at K E Household

“Raise Healthy Eaters blog is one of the best family nutrition blogs out there so make sure you’re plugged in. As a pediatric dietitian, I am very happy to have found it and enjoy reading Maryann’s posts – excellent resource. Happy Eating!!  Angela Lemond, MS, RD at Mommy Dietitian

“Great Tips! Your suggestion of having a plan really does help with picky eaters. I have been astonished with the results with my 4 year old. Thank you so much for all your postings, they are so very helpful!”
Jennifer at The Mommy Archives

“Parents often ask me how they can be more creative with their family meals and encourage healthy eating while at the same time avoid passing along ideas about eating that may encourage food restrictions or lead to unhealthy diet habits. I tell them to read the RaiseEaters Blog. There are few food-related blogs that I can recommend with confidence on the subject of balanced eating because so many seem to encourage dieting instead of overall health, but dieting is not always healthy.

Raise Healthy Eaters is concerned with health not just weight, and in our diet- obsessed culture, that kind of balanced advice can be hard to find. I highly recommend Raise Healthy Eaters, to parents, families, and individuals looking for sound, healthy, and creative advice.”  Sari Shepphird, PhD, author of 100 Questions & Answers About Anorexia Nervosa

“I’m THRILLED to have stumbled upon your website. I am stuck in the ‘feed the kids, put them to bed and we eat something else’ and am SO over it. Plus, my kids hardly touch their plates. This article was an inspiration. ‘the dinner table is where kids learn how to eat’…wow….as oprah says, an aha moment”  Kristina at Starter House

“It’s really wonderful to see someone such as yourself dedicated to communicating good research results to the general public, and especially research about eating. I am really impressed about how you’ve been able to synthesize extremely useful information for parents and caregivers.”  Alexandria Logue, PhD, author of The Psychology of Eating and Drinking.

“Your talk at the Parent Connection was so helpful and I live by the great cheat sheet you came up with and have shared it with many moms. I can’t thank you enough for alleviating some of my fears as I began Io feed my daughter solids. I am really enjoying your emails too and have passed them around as well.”  Stacy Salz, San Diego

“I attended your discussion at Scripps Well Being Center recently, sponsored by ParentConnect. (Very good discussion by the way, thank you!) One thing you told us was that by 1 year old, the goal is for the child to eat what mom and dad eat at the dinner table, all together. My daughter is 13 months and I was shocked to hear this, since she was still eating completely separate meals, very bland, usually pureed. I thought about what you told us and one night figured “what the heck” and gave her a chopped version of our adult food- she ate every single bite and loved it!

Now we eat the same food every night, from curry to talapia to tacos (all healthy versions of course). I wanted to thank you for helping us make this transition, who knows how long our daughter would have kept eating baby food unnecessarily! It’s great for us to truly eat dinner together, and my husband and I are eating healthier since I’m considering our daughter too when I cook. So please keep sharing the suggestion with other parents!”  Megan Bryden, San Diego