Set the Example: Parents as Healthy Role Models

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The information on this site is not meant to guilt you into being the perfect parent in regards to nutrition and health.  Instead, it shows you how the incredible love you have for your children can act as a catalyst for change.  Because you won’t be just helping yourself, you’ll be helping your children, and breaking the cycle of whatever food issue(s) you face.  

Studies show moms have the biggest influence on their children’s eating habits, especially girls.  Let’s stop the dieting and restrictive eating so our kids can develop a healthy relationship with food:

-Why Dieting doesn’t Work for Moms

-Book Review: Intuitive Eating

-The Best Way for Moms to Get into Shape

Children model their eating habits after their parents.’  Here are some articles that are sure to inspire:

-The Guilt-free Guide to Becoming a Positive (Food) Role Model

-Why Your Kids Make the Best Diet Coaches

-How to Create Lasting Behavior Change

Because “time” is the precious resource so many parents are lacking, we are starting a monthly series called Time-saving Parent Health Tips.  Take care of yourself and your kids will follow your lead.

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