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About one year of blogging about family nutrition it was clear to me that parents needed a trusted, all-in-one resource for feeding their children. One that could calm their fears, increase their confidence and make feeding less confusing.

Both Jill Castle (my co-author) and I felt that too many resources narrowly focused on What to feed kids at a specific stage, leaving parents unprepared for other areas of feeding (How to feed and Why kids eat the way they do) including future stages that are here before we know it. Our book, Fearless Feeding: How to Raise Healthy Eaters from High Chair, helps parents:

  • Figure out What and How to feed at each stage of development — infancy, toddlerhood, school age and adolescence — and how they are linked
  • Understand What to expect in terms of growth and child development (the Why of eating) and how to prepare for (and prevent when possible) future challenges
  • Effectively handle specific challenges (picky eating, weight issues, food allergies, behavior problems etc.) while learning the “red flags’ for getting professional help
  • Plan meals and shop in a way that fits their lifestyle and personal preferences
  • Get cooking with recipes for each age and stage –including meals older kids can make by themselves
  • Learn how to be a good role model and transform their own eating for the better

For more on Fearless Feeding see our website or find out about how to order here.